Seaforth Holdings Limited is a Jamaican based diversified holding and investment company owned and managed by Javette Nixon. Its primary focus is on impact investing and the development of emerging businesses and social enterprises throughout the Caribbean region. Seaforth Holdings Limited portfolio companies are: Point Global, Esther Group and Bucket Platforms.

1Point Global

In developing a business or a brand there are critical points at which transformation needs to happen or the result is stagnation. The right partner at those points move emerging brands to another level of progress and success. At those points, Point Global Marketing is your best partner, at those points – POINT is at its best.

2Esther Group

Esther was launched in 2016 with the vision of positively impacting the Caribbean business landscape by supporting companies in a way that is Caribbean reality focused. Taking our realities of size, positioning, legal systems and cultural idiosyncrasies in mind.

3Bucket Platforms

Bucket Platforms Limited is dedicated to providing convenient and efficient logistics and QuickServe services with a strong focus on the community. We believe access improves people's lives and are committed to more accessible and affordable living. We leverage cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to optimize logistics operations while enhancing the customer experience. As we do so, we also commit to sustainability and a passion for innovation. Bucket Platforms Limited combines local knowledge to build technology logistics with communities across the Caribbean.